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CFAW Check-In 4/9/2015

CFAW Friend Me 4/9/2015

My Liberty Mondays 11/17/2014

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Matthew Doan

Matthew Doan left a positive review 4/9/2015

I didn't attend long but was nice.

Matthew Doan

Matthew Doan left a positive review 4/9/2015

well organized

Vanessa Bhalla

Vanessa Bhalla left a positive review 6/23/2014

It was wonderful! So much information and so much to see and do. My daughter was given answers to all her questions. The volunteers and staff were great. The lunch and cookout was delicious. I was glad my daughter was able to see where her classes would be held. She actually met another freshman going into the same degree program as herself and they hit it off. Loved, loved, loved playing kickball with the other moms and dads and the students. What a great idea! Everything went smoothly and we accomplished a lot.

Ianna Rasberry-Jenkins

Ianna Rasberry-Jenkins left a positive review 7/24/2013

We totally enjoyed Summer Orientation! My mom got to see the amazing campus, and we learned so much from our workshops! So much fun and I meet a lot of our Freshmen class!

Kayne Boyer

Kayne Boyer left a positive review 6/14/2013

I went to orientation on june 14th. I had a good time, I met a lot of new people, and I learned some new things about liberty I did not know previously.

Clarissa Ashe

Clarissa Ashe left a positive review 7/12/2013

Love it. However wish there was an orientation for online students to come check out the university. As I was an online student and didn't have much to do.

Debbie Martin

Debbie Martin left a positive review 6/28/2013

It was well organized and the staff was really helpful when it came to getting to different rooms or simply answering questions!

sydney bowles

sydney bowles left a positive review 6/14/2013

The Liberty workers there were very friendly and helpful and encouraging :-)

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